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Steel building mounting

Cost of foundation is basically determined by the type of soil and ground. In order to find it out, geological and engineering survey should be made. The given survey helps to determine the physical and mechanical characteristics, soil load-bearing capacity under pressure and ground water layer location. The type of the foundation and its depth as well as the exact cost of the foundation works (the amount of concrete, materials and working hours) are specified on the basis of the survey results.

Steel building INDI
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WebSteel system calculates a steel building foundation approximate cost based on conditional (most frequently used in Russia and CIS) soil. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases such calculations are quite precise. This information can be used during negotiations for a steel building preliminary budgeting.

As soon as the contract is signed, a client receives the timing of the project designing and the steel building manufacturing. At the early stage of project designing, a client receives the column grid with erection drawing to be handed over with the first batch of shipment. The column grid helps the client to prepare the foundation beforehand along with manufacturing of the steel building kit in our facilities.

Important! By placing the order, the international clients receive the whole building kit (steel framing, secondary framing, factory-located openings, doors, gates, windows, canopies, parapets, ext) from PK Vesta

The major stages of Series INDI (built-up welded plates) steel building mounting starting from the foundation preparation up to the building (Coca-Cola warehouse in Razan, Russia) are shown in photos below.